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News 2016

News 2016


The 5 Point Checklist

We've created a quick checklist to help you get your wonderful designs to us so that you're not waiting forever for your files to send, and we don't run out of space on our server.

So, here it is:

1. Register to be Gifted?

Without your registration, we simply can't go on. It helps us get to know who you are, and then match your uploaded designs with your registered profile.

Get registered to be Gifted? here

2. Your file(s) include your name and brief title

This is also very important. This is the bit that helps us match you up with your registered info. here's an example of what we're after:


3. Use the template guide

The template guide helps us (and you) with consistency and file size - read more about using the template here.

4. jpeg, jpg, tiff, png and pdf only

We have placed a limit on the types of files you can send us so we can ensure nothing HUGE can be uploaded. In the past we have had .tifs, .ai and layered .psd files sent through which really didn't help us with downloading them for judging...

5. Maximum file size of 5mb per file...

...and by doing so we can limit the file size to 5mb! This should be plenty. To help you save your design files to a lovely dinky size, have a look at our quick guide here – hope it helps.


Ready to send?

So, you've created your awesome designs and are ready to show them off!

Head over to the upload page - simply follow the instructions there and hit that submit button. 

As always, any questions, problems or help, just get in touch and we'll do our very best to sort stuff out for you.

Good luck. :)

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