Gifted? by Hallmark




New Designers Gifted Stand


For those who were not able to make it down to New Designers this year, we though we'd share some pics of our 2017 stand design. 


We arrived on Monday the 26th June to unload the van and get all the pieces up to our stand location - (S3).

The backdrops had been pre installed by the printing firm (who happened to be situated directly below us) - always handy. The prints we're better than expected, especially the concrete wall effect.

The Arrival

The Arrival


With all the parts in place we began the build.

The framework had be designed, cut and painted here in the Bradford office, so there was some apprehension (on my part at least) as to whether it would all go together as smoothly as planned.


Everything came together as planned (thank fully). The framework fitted perfectly. A few touch ups with paint finished it all off.

Now for the Neon Gifted sign...! 


The sign went up with out a hitch. We couldn't have been more pleased! It looked great as I'm sure you'll agree.

With the rest of the bits and pieces put in there rightful spots, we had everything in place for this years Gifted? at New Designers.


Since being back from the show, we've recycled the backdrops which fitted beautifully in our studio creative space. 


Right then. What are we doing for next years stand...? 😬