Gifted? by Hallmark




Gifted? Neon


We've been creating new and interesting looks for Gifted? since we began the competition 8 editions ago. Even though the websites get overhauled, we try to keep the essence of what they were in our Archive section of the website.

Here you'll be able to scroll back through the years, right back to 2009 when it all began and see all the different looks we've had over time.

With this in mind, since the beginning of the year we've been planning what Gifted? 2017 could look like. We hope you'll agree that the new site looks great. We're very pleased with the final look and feel.

Included in this was the proposal for our fabulous new Gifted? neon sign. 

As you can see from the homepage banner, we began the journey by commissioning the sign to be made by the very talented Julia at Neoncraft. You can see some of Julia's progress photos in the gallery below.

Once fully complete we had it photographed by our wonderful in house photography team.

Below are some photos of of how we brought it all together, from initial fabrication to the final photoshoot.