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News 2016

News 2016


OMG - It's the last day!


And there we have it – the last day of Gifted? is upon us!

Our final Gifted? day to finish off those incredible designs and get them sent over to us. We're so excited to start sifting through all the entries, and from what we've received so far we're going to have a tough job on our hands.

So what happens next?

After today is at it's end (GMT 00:00), and the last uploads have barged their way over to us, we'll create a digital document of all the entries and present them to the judging team. We'll let you know when this will take place.

We will then announce who has made the final selection, and from those we will pick a winner, who will receive £500 and a months paid placement, and a runner up, who receives a months paid placement.

As always, good luck to everyone has has taken part in this years Gifted? competition and stay tunes folks - we'll be in touch.

Graham BurrowsComment