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Lydia Profile



Lydia studied Textile Design – Mixed Media at Falmouth University. She also exhibited at New Designers in 2016.

Lydia currently works as a Creative Studio Technician where she helps to visualise what the final products created in the studios would look like. With the application of finishes such as foils, flitters or embosses, the creative teams receive a production level finished product that's tangible, something you can not replicate on screens.


How would you describe yourself in three words?

Smiley, positive, abitweird.


What has been your biggest achievement since starting here?

I think initially managing to graduate Uni and have a job within the industry I want to work in within a few months has been my biggest achievement and it hasn’t quite sunk in! On top of that I’ve definitely grown in confidence since working at Hallmark.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced?

Being a technician I have a great insight into what is being designed and made within the studio. This has helped me to develop my individual and very niche style into something that would appeal to a commercial market which has been difficult - but I think I’ve finally cracked it! 


What advice would you give new designers wanting to break into the industry?

Take every opportunity you’re given and don’t be afraid of failure! It’s important, and from this you become a stronger, well rounded and more fearless person which is important within the design industry. Don’t be afraid of being different – individuality is key!


What would your superpower be?

There are so many superpowers I’d want but the ability to travel in time would be amazing! I’d probably go back to the sixties so I can see The Beatles and meet Andy Warhol.