Gifted? by Hallmark

Brief Three


D is for design




The Gifted? competition brief three in association with New Designers is now live and it's all about getting creative with the alphabet.


We simply want you to create a masterpiece of your choice based on the letter of the day and share it through Instagram, making sure you mention @giftedcompetitions and hashtag #giftedcompetitions and #giftednd17 so that we see your wonderful creation pop into our view. Without these we’ll not see your lovely work.

You can submit your designs daily or as and when you feel you’re ready to share.

1st prize: £500 cash prize and one month paid placement.

Take a look at the gallery below, which we’ll update with a new letter everyday to remind you to get involved.




Who can enter?: Practically anyone - you need to be 18+
Closing date?: Friday 28th July 2017 (midnight 00:00 GMT))
Number of submissions?: 5 max per letter (a total of 130 potentially!)
What to submit?: Anything at all based on the chosen letter

(Note: you do not have to enter every letter, however the more you do, the more we get an idea of your diversity and style, which is nice)

1st prize: £500 cash prize and one month paid placement.

This is an exciting opportunity to work on a commercial brief for Hallmark.


How to submit

For this brief we're asking you to share your designs via Instagram, with three little rules -
1. Mention @giftedcompetitions and
2. Include the hashtags #giftedcompetitions and #giftednd17
3. Share it for all to see (more of a necessity than a rule really)

Any questions or help simply send us an email.


Good luck.

We look forward to seeing your wonderful creations!


Latest entries... #giftednd17

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