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Brief One


Brief One


Spring Events Range

The challenge is to design fun, commercial designs for a Spring Events range. Spring Events covers anything from Valentine’s Day, to Mother’s Day, Easter or Father’s Day. We would like you to design for at least 2 of these events, but if you want to do all of them, that’s great!

As this brief covers a wide range of sends, carefully consider your customer, what message do you want your designs to give and what is the emotional connection between the sender and the recipient.

We would like to see all kinds of designs from people to patterns, animals, & objects; it’s a great opportunity to use your imagination.

Think about trends, what could be the next popular theme e.g. animals, characters, editorial, pattern and colour?

Be brave and use a variety of techniques from pen & ink, watercolour, collage, photography and new illustrative, graphic, and 3D styles. You may want to add value to your designs with finishes, scanned textured papers, photography or add-ons?

Also consider interesting compositions, scenarios that tell a story, editorial that works with the layout and new beautiful and fun colour combinations.

Research the customer you are targeting and also visit stores to see what is already out there.

We need your range to be commercial, on trend, different to what we have already and in your style.



Who can enter? Anyone - which is cool! Just sign up.
Closing date: Friday 7th April 2017 (midnight 00:00 GMT)
Number of submissions: 5 max
Prize: £200


How to submit

For this brief we're asking you to upload your designs via our uploader.

First you will need to Sign up. As soon as you've signed up you'll receive a password for the upload page. Simply head over to the upload page when you're ready, enter the password and and follow the instructions.

Any questions or help simply send us an email.


Good luck everyone.

We can’t wait to see what great designs you create!